International artist Hilary Baker’s ‘body’ of work is exactly that - a unique challenge to the supposed sterility and isolation of today’s living spaces, using bodily residues, found objects and salvaged sound.


Hilary, whose work is collected and commissioned worldwide including the National Portrait Gallery in London, uses etching, paintings, ceramics and sculptures to articulate how all bodies leave visible traces of their interrelation within an environment.

Also, utilising salvaged objects, residues and personal items, Hilary J Baker’s art explores the energy and memory that particular objects hold and emit: the numinous energy held within objects.

Working from her 350 year old Old Foundry Building studio, Hilary produces drawings, paintings, sculptures, etchings and photographs.  She also works in collaboration with ceramicists, pewter artists and sound artists to extend her practice.


Foundry Artists Workshops

Weekly creative workshops in Hilary's studio


Work & Commissions

Hilary undertakes commissions and has recently completed a ‘forensic portrait’ of comedian Jasper Carrot, an etching using resists made fro Jasper’s sweat, hair, fingerprints and blood.


Lobster Learning

having over 15 years of extensive experience as a consultant in education specialising in whole school improvement, cross curricula creative learning,  delivery of Arts Awards, SEN & EAL programs, specialist creative interventions, community projects and funded creative projects.


The Studio

The studio provides a varied environment for study,  creativity, classes and exhibitions.