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Master Classes

Hilary Baker Master Classes

At the studio I programme courses that specialise in sharing the rich and diverse creative possibilities of a wide range of media.  They are suitable for all levels of abilities and ages. Visiting artists also give talks about their work, practice and professional careers.

Hilary’s courses inspire in the following ways;

  • Create exercises and processes that take away fear and creative paralysis.
  • Show you ways to look and select.
  • Give you the courage and creative tools to emphasise what is important to you.
  • Guide you through the different stages of making a body of work.
  • Encourage you to experiment and take risks with work.
  • Support you to find your own visual language.

The courses on offer range from;

2 days of Inspiration or 5 days of intensive focus, weekly tutorials or a year long, theme led course.

Many students tailor their choice of a range of courses over a year to further their own practice or develop a project. Some artists use the courses as an alternative to doing a degree or postgraduate diploma.

Others just want to create art for their pleasure and enjoy the support and atmosphere of working with other creative people.


Ways of Seeing

Duration: Two Day Weekend Course
Dates: 24th/25th June,   1st/2nd July 2017

This course will lead students through fundamental drawing and painting practices in a variety of media that will sharpen ways of seeing and looking
alongside building strong practical skills.



Duration: Two Day Weekend Course
Dates: 8th/9th July, 15th/16th July 2017

The portrait continues to be an enduring and powerful subject for all artists. This fascinating three day course will help students to develop their own response to portraiture with the choice of using a variety of source material from historical figures, popular culture, friends and family to self-portraits or the imagination.

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Life Classes

Duration: Two Day Weekend Course
Dates: 22nd/23rd July, 29th/30th July 2017

Drawing from the figure is a classic, traditional skill and these tutored life-drawing classes are ideal for those wanting to learn and improve, build a portfolio or for beginners who would like to experiment and just have a go.


The Creative Space

Duration: Two Day Weekend Course
Dates: 19th/20th,  26th/27th August 2017

This 2 day weekend course is designed for students of all abilities who seek encouragement and support to become more confident and self motivated with their work.


The Surface

Duration: Two Day Weekend Course
2nd/3rd September 2017

This course is about exploring the beauty of surface by building texture and layers through the repetition of pared down marks, gestures and techniques using mono–printing and mixed media painting and drawing.