Works & Commissions

Hilary is building her next body of work for exhibitions in Kyoto and Tokyo in Japan and Birmingham in the UK, both of which have been postponed due to COVID 19.

She is currently exploring a series of cage themed works that contain salvaged and personal objects in a variety of media together with associated paintings, drawings and ceramics.

Individual artworks may be for sale and commissions may be undertaken for drawings, paintings and mixed media forensic etchings.

Portrait Commissions

Renowned for her textural oil portraits created throughout the 1990s, Hilary’s fascination with the human form has moved forward, driving her to develop new techniques of expressing character and likeness beyond the stereotypical representations of portraiture.  This has led to a new chapter in the artist’s career, an artistic movement that challenges the core ideas of representation, individuality, reproduction and authorship.

Over the last three years Hilary has pioneered printmaking and sculpting processes exploring the unconscious physical memory left by an individual in an environment.
This has led to a series of ‘forensic portraits’ made using an individual’s traces as part of the process.

She has recently completed a ‘forensic portrait’ of comedian Jasper Carrot, using resists made from Jasper’s sweat, hair, fingerprints and blood. Next up is the renowned chef Glynn Purnell where his ingredients will also be used along with his own residues to make a portrait.

Hilary is also developing this forensic way of working in painting and collage.